For Crits and Grins

Wave of Mutilation
Session #2

- Knowing that Xevos was close to the apothecary's son Halfin, the party made their way to interrogate him. Halfin was a awkward, reclusive lad who was a bit reluctant to speak to the heavily armored and aggressive strangers who walked into his room. Eventually, he revealed that Annalise and Xevos had traveled to Lover's Lake to bless their union.

- Journeying through the forest that surrounds Lover's Lake, Xan was overcome with a overwhelming desire to dance. A band of pixies taunted the party for their amusement until Gunthar shapechanged into Annalise. The pixies revealed that they had seen Xevos and Annalise headed towards the lake. They also advised the party that the lake was cursed and they avoided it completely.

- Lover's Lake turned out to be home to a malevolent water spirit surrounded by glowing orbs that contained images of terrified people. One was clearly Annalise while another matched the discription of Xevos. Violence ensued. Once the party defeated the creature, the shimmering globes broke and the images contained within spread to the winds. The Annalise spirit headed back to town while the image of (presumed) Xevos headed south.

- Called back by Xan's Thaumaturgy, the pixies joined in a evening a celebration with the party. After downing a Philter of Love recovered from the bottom of the lake, Killua developed strong feelings for Sheera, a most uninterested pixie.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Professor Jaroo's Wondrous Wagons
Session #1

- The party was deployed by the Expedition and Reconnaissance Administration to Highmoor to meet a contact, a man named Rhynard, at the Helmed Heifer tavern.

- Xan had received a message to meet with an old acquaintance who was currently setup less than a mile from Highmoor, Professor Jaroo.

- Jaroo's camp was found abandoned aside from the murdered guards left under a single caravan.

- At the tavern was a mute, distant young woman who barely seemed aware of her surroundings. When Rhynard arrived, the party learned this was his daughter Annalise.  She was involved with a mysterous young mage by the name of Xevos much to Rhynard's disapproval. They snuck out of town together and a short time later, Annalise was found in her catatonic state wondering along the roadside. Rhynard is convinced Xevos is responsible and has contracted the party to find Xevos and a cure for his daughter.

- A search of the caravan revealed various curios, including a stuffed three-headed ettin, a mechanical fortune telling machine and a troll head in a jar named "Mr. Grins".

- After smashing open the jar containing Mr Grins, setting fire to various items and using Thamaturgy to boom out a call for Jaroo, a band of goblins led by bugbear came to investigate.

- Violence ensued.

- After the threat was dispatched, Xan found a hidden compartment in Jaroo's living area. It containing a journal that revealed that Jaroo had stolen a Wand of Wonder from a Lyrabaran noble by the name of Victor Reinhart. The journal indicated the wand belongs to Jaroo's clan and was, in his opinion, wrongfully taken from them. Xan noted the journal and pocketed the wand without informing the rest of the party.

- Arriving at the Helmed Heifer in Highmoor, and finding hat Rhynard had yet to arrive, the party endeared themselves to the locals by offering up a steady supply of libations and merriment. 



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